FAQ & Information

Did this this used to be called Kite Ranch RV Storage? 
Yes it did. However, Bob & Skip sold the business in 2019 and the name changed to Lake Mac Storage. 

Is towing onto the beach still available from the lot? 
Yes. Please call Scott Main from Big Mac Marina at 308-726-5598. Scott has a tractor, the expertise, and a gate code to tow off of the lot. There is no need to own a tow vehicle to be towed to the beach or local campground!

What happened to Bob's towing service? 
Bob sold that business and the new owner is no longer offering towing services off the lot. 

Whats the new contact information for Lake Mac Storage?
(308) 318-5858

Has my gate code changed? 
No, your gate code has not changed. However, if you would like us to update your code, or if you have simply forgotten your code, please feel free to reach out and we can assist. 

I'm an existing customer, how do I log into my account in order to pay my bill, set up auto-pay, change my auto-pay credit card, or schedule a move-out? 

I'm an existing customer and can't quite figure out my online account or I'm not in front of my computer, and I need help paying my bill, setting up auto-pay, or scheduling a move-out. Who can I call? 
(308) 318-5858 This number will connect you to an agent of Lake Mac Storage who can assist. 

How much notice do I have to give to move out? 
You must give 14 days of notice before the first of the month or you will be billed for the next month. You can schedule this on your online account or you can call us.